Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blog. While I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social networks, I’ve decided to create this blog for a few reasons. One, just as a place to post thoughts about everything from science, to religion, to beer, to food, to politics, to sci-fi, and really just whatever comes to mind. This allows me to make longer posts, and also to post things that may conflict with others’ views without cluttering up Facebook with posts and their comments. I’ve posted things like that on Facebook in the past, and generally those issues which cause conflict can turn into shout-fests. I don’t mind the debate, and welcome it, but I’d like to keep it off of Facebook, and into a more private location. Feel free to comment on my posts, and debate back and forth. You can create an account, or just log in with your Facebook or Google account. Your account settings will allow you to subscribe to this, and get updates whenever I post. I’ll be posting some updates soon, so please subscribe, and thanks for reading!


Justin Carroll / February 4, 2015 / General / 2 Comments

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